Great Bargain

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It was late in the afternoon, I was driving and on my way to Pasig to meet up someone at a restaurant near Valle Verde club. My usual route going there from Mandaluyong is taking Shaw blvd. However, on that specific day, traffic was horrendous and the Waze app picked another route for me.

I passed through so many side streets just to get away from the traffic and when I was almost nearing my destination, I turned left on Hillcrest Dr. Just about a few meters from the corner, a traffic enforcer, wearing blue uniform, suddenly stopped me and pointing me to pull over on the side of the road.

“Kuya, bakit po?”, as I put my window down to ask him.

“Good afternoon, ma’am! Bawal po kasi yung ginawa niyo. No left turn po kasi doon sa kanto.”, the enforcer explained.

“Ay, ganun po ba? Pasensya na po, hindi ko kasi alam, Kuya.”

Well, actually, I saw the “No Left Turn” sign but I didn’t really pay attention and gambled that no one will catch me. I wasn’t lucky that time.

“Ma’am, pwede po bang mahiram yung lisensya niyo?”

“Kuya, baka pwedeng pagbigyan niyo na lang ako. Or warning po muna?”, I was begging him.

“Sorry, ma’am, pero may traffic violation po kayo. Patingin na lang po ng lisensya.”, he asked of it again.

“Kuya, sige na, please?”

But the old traffic enforcer didn’t budge. “Lisensya, ma’am.”

So, I grabbed my purse and reached for my driver’s license. Handed it over to him and waited.

“Ms. Francine Villaseca, tama po ba?”, as he examined my license.

“Yes po.”, I was rattling in nervousness.

“Ay, ma’am, expired na pala ‘tong lisensya niyo.”

Fuck! He caught it! My driver’s license was already expired for 2 months. I didn’t have time to renew it because I know it will take me forever just to have a new one. Thus, I got lazy and it backfired! Ugh! I hate it!

“Kuya, wala po kasi akong oras magpa-renew. Lagi kasi akong busy sa work. Sorry po.”

“Naku, ma’am! Malaki magiging penalty mo.”, as the grumpy enforcer said.

“Magkano po ba?”

“Ang penalty po sa no left turn violation ay 1,500. Tapos plus 2,000 pa po dahil paso na yung lisensya niyo. So, mga 3,500, ma’am. Tapos kailangan niyo pang umattend ng seminar.”, he explained.

“Hala! Ang mahal naman, Kuya!”

“Opo, ma’am! Sulatan ko lang po kayo ng ticket ha? Para sa violations niyo.”, as he walked in front of the car to check the plate number and started writing up on the ticket.

While he was at it, I tried calling some of friends who have connections but sadly, they couldn’t do anything. So, I was on my own. I’ve thought of any other excuses or deals he might accept and came up with the easiest exit a motorist would do – bribing the traffic enforcer.

“Ma’am, ito na po yung ticket niyo. So, nakalagay po dito lahat ng violations niyo. Ngayon, kukunin ko po yung lisensya niyo tapos tubusin niyo na lang sa city hall after 5 working days. Ok po?”, as he showed me the ticket.

“Kuya, wala na talagang bawas yung mga penalty?”

“Wala po, ma’am. Yung munisipyo po ang nag-presyo ng mga ‘yan.”

“Kuya, baka pwedeng pagusapan na lang po natin?”, as I was begging him.

“Paanong pagusapan po, ma’am?”, he questioned.

“Bigyan ko na lang po kayo ng pang kape o pang merienda. 500 po para lang matubos ko na kaagad sayo yung lisensya ko and void mo na yung vilations ko.”, I bargained with him.

“Ma’am, hindi po ako tumatanggap ng lagay. Mali po ang naiisip niyo sakin. Sa inyo na po ‘yang pera niyo, pakitabi na lang. Tapos, pirmahan niyo na lang itong ticket para makaalis na ho tayo pareho.”, he firmly said.

“Kuya, please? Parang awa niyo na po.”

“Pirma na lang ho kayo, ma’am. ‘Yun na lang po maipapayo ko sa inyo.”

Darn! This man is stiff as a wooden plank! I thought all traffic enforcers would accept easy money, but I was wrong. I salute him somehow, but still, I’d still want to have my license back.

And then, in a twisted turn of events, I caught him glancing on my cleavage. Since, I was wearing a push-up bra that day, my breasts were popping out from the v-neck shirt I was wearing. Ah, yes, of course! Men will forever be pervs!

Thanks to his lechery, I changed my way of bargaining with him…

“Kuya, sige na po, pagbigyan niyo na lang ako…”, as I intentionally grounded my fingers over my cleavage, tracing the middle of it.

I saw the enforcer’s eyes enlarged. His throat cleared up. His hands trembled. Like, he didn’t know what hit him, or should I say, what hit me. Was willing to submit myself to this grouchy aged man just to keep end of the bargain. I was hoping he would bite to it, though. But the way he was staring on my chest, it seems like he would.

“Ma’am, ano ho bang gusto niyo?”, he immediately asked.

“Kuya, gusto ko lang namang pagbigyan mo ako sa violations ko, mahirap ba yun?”

Then, I opened my legs widely as I clutched my crouch above my jeans, showing him that I was touching myself. Tried to do it teasingly so I could make his thing uncomfortable inside his lousy uniform. I wouldn’t mind doing it, as long as I get away with my troubles. Didn’t want to pay 3,500 for a damn traffic ticket!

“Ma’am, baka naman inuuto mo lang ako…”, he was cautious.

Pulled my shirt down to flash him my tits. “Kuya, bakit hindi mo subukan?”

The enforcer looked around to check the surroundings but we were at an isolated area and there were no other people passing by. Except for the other cars, of course, but who would stop by to check what we were doing? Exactly, nobody would care. Thus, I became more daring.

“Go on, Kuya, feel it.”, I invited.

He put his pen inside his pocket then reached for my boob. His right hand caress it for a second before pulling it back again.

“Ma’am, ang lambot ah.”, saw him smiled for the first time.

“So, ok na tayo, Kuya? Pwede ko nang makuha ulit lisensya ko?”

“Eh, ma’am, sa tutuusin, nabitin ako. Baka pwedeng isa pa? Yung mas matagal sana. Pagkatapos noon, balik ko na ‘tong lisensya mo.”, he negotiated.

Ok, what the hell! I’ve done it anyway, so, I wouldn’t mind a second touch from him. Though, if he’ll be doing it longer, I might as well as invite him inside the car so he could do it freely. So, I told him to hop in. Afterwards, I closed my window to be more private.

“Kuya, last na ha?”

He only nodded in approval. I raised my shirt so he could have better leeway to touch it. This time, he used both hands to feel my breats. Kuya nuzzled it very lightly. Waited for him to finish while I watched my mirrors to check if there’ll be some hindrance coming from both sides. But then, I suddenly felt Kuya’s tongue glazed my nipple. Startled on what he was now doing, I didn’t have the power to stop him. It made me aroused in an instant!


The traffic enforcer caught me off guard. He quickly diminished my defense as I was already starting to acknowledge his act. His sharp tongue was tickling the hell out of my helpless nipple. His soft touches were tenaciously overpowering me, giving such pleasing contentment. Jeez! I was surrendering and I couldn’t stop it!


My head was put in the corner, between the headrest and the seatbelt. Kuya was leaning his body towards me. My hands were wrapped behind him as I welcomed his smelly hair on my face. Eyes were rolling in sensation. Lips were being bitten by my tongue. Lust was slowly devouring my principles as a decent woman. But that day, I was another person. I slutty one.

“Kuya, wait lang…”, as I pushed him back to his seat. “Huwag tayo dito…”

“Ang sarap mo, ma’am.”, his response was an eargasmic.

I drove away from that spot we were at and looked for a cheap motel where we could continue the deed. Luckily, we were in Pasig and motels are not very hard to find. In minutes, I drove through the first motel I saw. It’s in the corner, just across Victoria Court. We waited for the bell boy to open up the garage room. I parked the car and waited a little more for the attendant to finish readying our room. After a few minutes, we finally settled in.

When we got upstairs, Kuya immediately grabbed me from the back, swayed my hair and kissed me on the nape. We floundered on the dresser, just before the bathroom. He turned me around so he could kiss me. God, I tasted his eewy saliva, but the force of sensuality was too strong that I quickly forgot how bad it was. We exchanged kisses and steamy tongue actions. We were both excited. We were both savoring it.

Kuya began to undo his uniform. I helped him by unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. In minutes, he was totally naked. His chest is so hairy. He has scars all over his body. He has a fat belly. He’s not the average guy I would usually fuck or date with. But I was at point of no return. I started this shit, so, I will finish it. Got a dose of my own medicine, that’s for sure!

Before he made his move, I walked towards the “sex chair”. It’s like a reclined one-seater with so many tentacles on it. It’s hard to explain but I’m sure you get the picture. So, I went there and he followed me. We kissed for a few minutes before I shoved him aside so I could take off my clothes. He stood there in front as he watched me removed my pants. Next, the shirt and the bra. Panties was left on as I wanted him to remove it. I then sat on the chair and invited him to lick me.

Kuya knelt in front as I put my legs on top of this “tentacle”. I was wide-opened down there. He wasted no time and slid my panties to the side. His pointed tongue went back to action, it’s now on my hole. He swirled it around the pussy lips then soothed my button. His head was going up and down on it, even doing some rimming.

“Uhhhhhmmmmm… Ooohhhhhh…”, I was moaning in so much pleasure.

I didn’t know I hit the jackpot on Kuya, as God, he really is good in licking!

“Aaaaahhhh! Fuuuuuuckk!”, as I continued on sobbing.

The guy spent almost 5-10 minutes there, just thrilling the hell out of me! I was already feeling my orgasm going to implode, but I didn’t want to finish on his tongue. I wanted to feel him. How manly he is. Even though, he’s almost wrinkled, I’d still want to taste an older guy’s cock. So, I halted his head by using my hands.

“Kuya, I want you to fuck me naaaahhh…”, I requested.

“Ma’am, malibog ka pala.”

He then carefully aimed his cock to my waiting cunt. Kuya teased me for a second, its helmet was touching above it for a minutes or two before inserting it inside with force.

“Aaaaaaaaahh!”, he has a big package for an old man.

He began to thrust forward. It was hard and strong. Fast and rough. Kuya was so eager to fuck me, and I was loving it! God, I didn’t know getting caught in a traffic violation would give so much bliss in my sexual life!

“Ooooohhhh! Kuyaaaahhh! Aaaaahhhhh!”, I was in delirious state.

His body leaned forward so his mouth could cap my breast. He sucked my nipple so stiff that I felt an electric wave of fervor ran through my veins!

“Aaaaahhhh! Fuuuuuck youuuuu!”, in every thing he was doing, I was answering with a moan. That’s how good he is, unexpectedly.

Kuya paused, removed his cock, then helped me get up. He overturned me. Grabbed hold on the chair’s railings, arched my ass and waited for him to proceed. He re-inserted his manhood from behind and commenced drilling my wet hole. His pelvic bone was ramming solidly onto my butt cheeks.

“Ooooohhhhhhh! Uhhhhmmm!”

The enforcer’s hands went back on my boobs to massage it. His fingers came to action, too, as it pinched my pinkish nipples. His tongue also began to lick my back. From my shoulders, down to my back. He was using all of what he could muster.

“Kuya, pasakay naman sa’yo, please?”, I then requested.

He did stop and granted my appeal. Kuya laid his back on the bed while I quickly follow, removed my panties and went on top of him. His cock was pointing up so it was easy for me to ride it. I began dancing as soon as it was fully inside me.

“Uhhhhhmmmmpppffff…”, as I bit my lips.

I positioned my hands on top of his chest then started pounding him. My movement accelerated in no time. Body was all over his furious thing. Hips were hula-hooping. My clit was rubbing against his pubic hair. Boobs were bouncing like crazy! Eyes were closed. Head was upwards. Feeling was yearning.

And in a matter of minutes, I came…

“AAAAHHHHH!!! FUUUUUCCCCKKK!! GOOOOOODDDD!!! OOOOHHH!!!”, I almost cried my throat out as I bursted in so much delight! Damn, that was so much fun!

Without removing his cock inside me, Kuya laid me on my back then immediately fucked my in a missionary style. He lifted both my legs and used his arms as anchors. His dick was deep-penetrating my innermost.

“Kuyaaaahhh!”, I was still squealing.

He humped my pussy even harder. Even though the A/C was in full blast, Kuya was sweating. He was eyeing at his own doing, watching his cock drill me. I could feel he was nearing his climax.

In one swift move, he suddenly detached his manhood and started masturbating it…

“AAAHHH! UGGHHH!”, as he popped his cum on top of my pussy.

It dripped to my ass but I didn’t mind. I was letting him finish his moment. He ran his helmet down to scrape off the last ounce of his jizz. God, it was too many.

After recovering from his delighted self, he handed me the towel that was at the edge of the bed. He helped me wipe his cum. I stood up and walked inside the bathroom to have a quick shower.

Short after, he followed me there and got naughty again. He used his asset to get down on me for the second time. Kuya was surely savoring every second of our little bargain. And after some licking, I had my orgasm again. Never been that satisfied before. And I never ever even thought that a normal traffic enforcer guy would provide me such a wonderful feeling.

Before we left the motel, I asked him to open his fly so I could give him a blowjob. I passionately played with his wrinkled cock and gave him the best experience he has ever had. In just 5 minutes or so, he came and I even swallowed everything just to get even with Kuya. First time that I did such thing. Never regretted it.

I dropped him off at the same spot where he apprehended me. Before he went down of the car, he returned my driver’s license and ripped the traffic violation ticket off in front me.

“Ma’am, thank you ah. Hindi ko makakalimutan ‘tong araw na ‘to.”, he was all smiles.

“Thank you din, Kuya, at pumayag ka sa offer ko. He he! Sige po, ingat!”

“Sige, ma’am, ingat din po kayo.”, as he closed the door.

Drove off for about 10 minutes before reaching my destination. I was already late so hurried inside the restaurant.

“Hi, baby, sorry I’m late.”, as I kissed my boyfriend to the cheek before sitting down.

“Babe, bakit ngayon ka lang?”, he then asked.

“Ah, eh, nahuli kasi ako. No left turn.”, I explained briefly.

“Ok? Eh diba expired na license mo, babe?”


“So, ano sinabi mo sa nakahuli sayo?”

“Wala naman. I just used my charm then he let me go na. He he!”

Well, actually, my boyfriend didn’t know that it was more than just my charm. Got away with a 3,500 fine and got very satisfied in a very outrageous, crazy kind of way. It was a great bargain, indeed!



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Jhon Trinidad
Jhon Trinidad

hell of a story

Campos Jhonroam

< I'm not usually read this kind of article, pero IBA-KA!-Awesome bargain!:))


sarap mo naman ate pa try nga din sayo

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Jhon Trinidad
Jhon Trinidad

hell of a story

Campos Jhonroam

< I'm not usually read this kind of article, pero IBA-KA!-Awesome bargain!:))


sarap mo naman ate pa try nga din sayo