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Just call me Jeff (not my real name), 22, they say gwapohon, somewhat mature I just mamarug to top-up man sad ko, sakto2 rasad ug success, currently have ojt sa dakong company, dude in Cebu City. I started my ojt last September. And that I have not alot to most busy it department. I can’t bear kapahuway almost whole day. Naa. Been really suod employee (Accounting staff), girl, 24, let’s call her Kate (not her real name). Not just sad by she-dugay work it’s company. She’s coming from the other island. Somewhat close nami to open man I very by him. Iya sad if tabangan if i will be busy. Raman’s paperwork. I am sad – next day I found out that married but not to him and you have one more son. He wants you to he still got pregnant naminyo-College Denim marry just sad. S * xy horses by a cold, not obvious but minyu. Datu D to horses by them in some places. Construction ra what closeness as a workmates. I admire her before, but since he’s married, I have giwala. But I don’t have alot nagpahalata.

Last month, early on December, duty of a cold but hubag eyes. UG NI-share alot of them all if namo unsay happened. Mao d i kay nasakpan Taipei but he his you naay secret conversation on messenger. Ug naa pa so the s * Xy Photo on girl. No D I, dude iya Taipei with overseas and that is you-chat2 with tua will go outside but very ra. Denim gitambagan namong mga he’s officemates. Naa say it always motambag itagay rana. Naa say tambag ipasabut but only to that nature always have said that in overseas. Pagkahapon, nanghagad by him and hangout, kuyog the usa you amiga and he loves me. Dili pa d I s very suhito with Kate, dude in cebu denim gipakuyog they so i have a size but they kuyog kay mahadlok. Mao to lakaw2 nami ngitag makan-an. Dayun nanihapon nami, around 7 PM MANA MI KAUN. Free more alot. So after eating, this iya miga say it what’s next? Shot na this. Sugot man si Kate so go with the flow rako. START NOW 8 PM. Ladies drink man to her I really imnunon tigtagay. Fair ra tinagayan but I was moved so they duha. Around 10 pm have been iya hagad amiga pamauli-have a nap. The iya amiga to labangon, her name is Kate and I to mandaue within metro colon ra. Purely ra d I mi nagboarding-house. Off to his first namo gipasakay amiga to labangon. We are just his duha kuyog ni Kate. While naglakaw mi, mi ug agi thai boran, right for massage. Here’s our convo:
Kate: I very stress nindut throw a massage.
Me: no they modawat ug teacher UI-Tipsy Drinking (pretty girl)
K: just nindut an relax.
A: (gipatapsingan nakug story) I obtain nalay massage, free.
K: fist d to you.
A: simple ra ana.
K: Okay, let’s hope man?
A: (nanginit nakug pinakalit) you a man?
K: not yet, dude i suhito.
A: in the boarding house for now.
K: ikaw ra usa?
A: Oh, I am ra.
K: okay.

Taxi ride to quite easily. I am very hot that success. – namo akuy abut who first, next ra. When iyut na murag GI-Alimot-an her denim ‘ ask him if he could maghalf-Bath. Ok Raman denim nanghuwam siyas tualya. I Nagtan-aw kos success by Kate Pagkalami again just alot. Mao to giadto siyas toilet. (dili pa he naked). I will go but didn’t have to say abut relaxed. Gahi na very si Jr. After 10 minutes nigawas na he just in a loincloth tualya. An Tinan-fight for mi. Right speechless me duha.
K: ok raka.
A: ok ra ma ‘ am. S * Xyha obtain ui.
K: s * xy gud tawn.
A: (tulala nagkurog) it says
K: I’m the man everything he if massage?
A: Oh, higda always been ma ‘ am. Manghugas in me. (adto ko toilet kadyut)

I look naghigda is Kate (gitabon pinakaub) she is that tualya likud. No more siyay t-shirt and was.

K: is ready?
A: ready ma ‘ am.

I nilingkud that nagsugod nakug tiilan and rub with pressure to scratch me. Even though you’re not slide to scratch I always way oil denim I lotion gigamit. I nagsugod uyang lapa-lapa naabut until I the bagtak sunset. Hilom ra horses she is kate nagkurog ako to you hot. Be discreet pasaka nakug he he GI-I ask if the whole body is. Ana man he really is.
K: OK.

Can I have this gitang-Tang. I siga good eyes. Shit! My God. Did he just panties and no more bra. – SEXYHA ALOT OF MA ‘ am white yet so very. Shit! I kurog samot. Mao to hilot with that I’m on foot. I GI-haplos2 that from the foot until that tikod. After few minutes I nipasaka gamay. GI-Skip am his butt to always nagpanty man. Full ddto that coconut-Coconut. (remember he was kaub). I hilot2 that his back on you uyon gusok ug di malikayan matapsingan is his kid. Dako2 Sad. That am naabut tangkugo ug niingon I, MA ‘ am. Liver gikalit siyag hayang time that you and I say, nothing more. Atubangan Shit! My God. I wa kasabut. A understatement i kalag nakit-an. The kid kalaming kumoton. Murag wala kabalo unsay buhaton full. His time of gikuha gibutang i cant scratch that kid. My God! Kabantok and heat. Liver Lamia obtain ma’am ui. I don’t have to, I’m still duha2 gihapohap the kid’s ‘ MA ‘ am. Pikas ug pikas. Who is going moan ma ‘ am.
K: Oh, sh * T KAGILOK, carry Jeff kumota pag-Ayo, tilai Jeff.
I’ve tilaan pikas ug pikas, blanket, dude blanket ddto. Lihok that is very ma ‘ am.
K: fingera ko Jeff, ahh sh * T KALAMI.
I gipanaug dayun scratch while I made a kid book on b ** BS BY MA ‘ am. Who panties she ma ‘ am. Me Gihapohap that p * Nty. My God! Pwerte of basaa taler to ‘MA’ am. As in nagpilit alot his p * Nty. Full gibitin ma’am is no more, am so huboa his panties until his if gituklod paubos. I’m gisulod tudlo while nakap * nty pa si ma’am. Shit! Pwerteng Danguga, daghan alot it nigawas duga. You’re huot more celebration to go one year he couldn’t iyoti with Taipei.
K: carry on Jeff, lami na very
Kalit lang ni-nipples is ma ‘am ug sh * T, nagawsan nasad si ma’ am. I’ve paubos hinay2 tongue. From her b ** BS down to her tummy until that taler. Humota Taler and ‘MA’ am. Helping alot more. I carried that gitilaan taler supsup in duga, first time I have ‘ Gibuhat, sh * T KALAMI, dli man d i luod. Very humot pa alot. Okay who panglabnut hair si ma’am.
K: Oh, now Jeff, your tongue, isulod fingera me Jeff, ahh sh * T, classes nasad ko Jeff, denim gipaspasan nakug apparently brought kulkog and f * ck, lit-lit ad ad ug nagawsan nasad si ma ‘ am.
K: I nasad Jeff.
Iya if gihubo gipahigda and me t-shirt and was. Just turned my boxer. Dive dayun he am to chula mi. Extreme success initag namong duha, tulo singot is alot to dili man ac room. After Chula hinay2 siyag paubos my dughan, stomach dayun in junior. Nakabaws sad si ma’am with no sad me dayun huboa boxer. Gitila-he tilaan I boxer and f * ck, pwerteng giloka. Until his a boxer. I gihubo Barug that horses with junior. Naglagiting to heat. Claiming gichupa dayun ni ma ‘am and shit, lamia obtain ma’ am UI. F * CK! Individually I sampot. Naa pay you deep throat. And she s * ck my balls too. Queue mom story of his ipasulod. This is it! Naghigda Raq while she was on top. Gisaghid-saghid that ‘MA’ am that I am a junior at taler and still she was so w * T. Ahh shit! Kalami. Iya of gikuptan ug tuara, iya of gipasulod that w * T p * ssy. Mo@N Ming Duha. Ahh shit! Kalami f * CK. Ahh. Hinay2 have up and down si ma’am. Naay pay who twerks. Oh, wow, kalami obtain ma ‘ am UI.
K: Ahh Lamia Obtain Jeff. Shit! Magtagbaw ta today. Atua Rani. F * ck kalami.
A: carry ma ‘ am.
Chula nasad mi. Grabing Basaa ‘MA’ am. Very modala maayo. After a few minutes.
A: classes am ma ‘ am.
K: classes nasad ko Jeff, ahh language ta.
A: a man ipagawas?
K: I just don’t want safe Ron. And There!
A: naa na ma ‘ am. Ahh
K: Okay, Jeff naa nasad ko. Ahh shit! B * to the iyut. Ahh f * CK!
A: ahh lamia obtain ma ‘ am UI.
K: ahh lamia sad obtain Jeff. Dugay2 am wa ka-s * x.

Chula nasad. When you nasundan 2 rounds. I nasay brought. Naa pay you cant last missionary you doggy. The ikaduha wala gihapon gi withdrawn the ikatulo iya ug gipa withdrawn to suggest that * on. Sure! Ddto nasad sa baba ni ma ‘ am. Very lami kay ma’am is still very fresh even if naa mom son. Buntag of giuli si ma’am. That was Saturday night. Basin Naglibug if you hope that the child, tua that her parents. Who apartment kuyog ra him, dude that cousin right girl.

Before mi had a Christmas party and mass dunay pangumpisal. Sorry mig nangayu at usag-USA Kay we know but not to maayo. Iya iya taipei gipasaylo nasad. Today suod gihapon me but awkward gamay. At least natilawan namo ang usag-USA. Haha. Mao ni me s * Xperience last December. Somewhat taas2 alot of him and thanks for reading. Happy new year.


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